We are excited to see the huge response of the community in $DogePot and the Surprise Pot Game that we have in store for you.

Designed to be one of the most addictive games in Defi, built on BSChain, the POT game is here to completely get you hooked on to it. Because of the following reasons :
1. The POT amount is going to be HUGE and you just don’t want to miss such a huge POT amount.

2. The number of players playing the game would increase with time & increasing POT value and create a FOMO for everyone.

3. The most important part of the POT game is the timer.

How does the game work?

Objective : To be the last player to add $DOGEPOT into the Game POT before time ends and win the entire POT.

Players have 24 hours to buy into a pot, the bulk share of which goes to the last buyer to get in under the end time.

Every time a player buys in, 30 seconds is added to the clock, which caps at 24 hours, and the next buy-in becomes more expensive.

Players can buy in as many times as they want, either all at once to bump up the clock or at the last possible moment, thus winning the pot.

What do you need to play THE POT GAME?

You need to hold a minimum amount of $DOGEPOT tokens. The game shows the minimum buy in and that amount of tokens would be needed to participate in the game.


You heard that right, the game starts with a POT value of $10,000 in $DogePot tokens taken from the $DOGEPOT smart contract. The POT value increases at every new Buy-In.

The sneak peek of the game should give you enough idea on how the game would look and work.

Get ready to play the POT game.

The POT game goes live after $DOGEPOT Public Sale.

You can participate in the Public Sale by applying for Whitelist :

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